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Exploring Raw Materials in Sheet Metal Fabrication

March 8, 2024

Sheet metal fabrication in New England is crucial in numerous industries, from automotive to construction, where precision and functionality are paramount. Vastly different products can be created from the same raw material, making the choice of base metal critical for any project. That is why our metal fabrication shop is going to turn our attention to the core of sheet metal fabrication—the raw materials.

Types of Raw Materials Used

The versatility of sheet metal fabrication is greatly attributed to the variety of raw materials available. Steel is the standard due to its strength and formability, while aluminum’s lightness is frequently used in aerospace industries. Copper and titanium, with their unique properties, are staples in electrical and high-performance sectors.

Considerations in Material Selection

Material selection is a complex decision, balancing requirements for strength and durability against considerations like corrosion resistance and cost. Each industry and project comes with its unique set of conditions, directing choices toward specific metals.

Impact of the Fabrication Process

The chosen material has a ripple effect on the fabrication process. From how easily it can be molded or cut to its welding characteristics and surface finish options, the material is the foundation of the project and its frame and look.

The metal you choose for your project is more than a means to an end; it’s a language of your intent, a prologue to your product. Connect with local sheet metal fabrication shops to find the perfect material to realize your vision.



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